Home Remedies for Pimples on Scalp

Pimples on scalp are a real reason to worry about since cause irritation and you have to spend times scratching on the affected part. Since the scalp area cannot be seen by you, the irritation may look like normal as you may already be infected with dandruff or lice from beforehand. But there is a difference between these problems. While the dandruff can be treated with a good anti dandruff shampoo and lice through a good anti bacterial agent, pimples require special care since they are caused by a variety of reasons and therefore according to the cause, the treatment should be done.

There are varieties of home remedies that can be formed to keep the scalp area free of pimples. You can use crushed fenugreek leaves, grind it together, mix it with water and then apply this paste on the affected area, keep it like that for ten minutes and then rinse your scalp with cold water. Honey is also an effective home remedy since it has anti bacterial properties. You can either apply honey directly on your face for half an hour and then rinse it off with cold water or can prepare a paste of cinnamon powder and honey and then apply it on your face at night. Rinse it off with cold water in the morning after waking up.

Raw garlic helps to clean the digestive system. You can either rub raw garlic on the affected area or consume two three cloves of garlic every morning after waking up. Drinking lime juice will help to flush out the toxic wastes from the body and prevent scalp pimples. Home Remedies are not only easy to use but are always available at home too. They are cost effective since no extra cost is to be incurred and also provides maximum relief from scalp pimples.